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We have a number of various Á La Carte Rental Wedding Design elements which allow you to customize your wedding to be unique & memorable for you and your guests.


Rental Includes Installation.

Mr. & Mrs. Marquee Lighted Sign & Floral Ladder

Works Great For: Visual wall feature behind couple. This wonderful marquee light is an amazing feature, tying perfectly into the other decor of the reception barn. Paired with our Floral Ladder this combination is a show stopper.


Sign Dimensions: 9′ wide
Floral Ladder Dimensions: 15′ Wide x 17″ Deep
Sign Rental: $150
Floral Ladder: $50
Quantity: 1

Vintage Drop Leaf Table

Works Great For: Cake Table, Candy Display Table.  This drop leave table fits right in with both country rustic and vintage rustic layouts. Add a burlap runner, and some of our mismatched bottles and you will feel right at home. The dedicated legs that fold out on each side support the drop leaf sections, giving this table the stability to handle any wedding cake.  Dimensions: 42” x 53” x 30” tall


Rental: $40
Quantity: 1

Vintage Rectangular Legged Trunk

Works Great For: Gift Trunk, End Table. This trunk is a great feature that can be set next to the Mahogany Library Desk, as a location for guests to place wedding gifts. Add a DIY custom garland with a message along the top, and it gives a great home touch. With the lid closed it also works nicely as a make shift end table.  Dimensions: n/a


Rental: $25
Quantity: 1

Two Barrel & Door Table

Works Great For: Mobile Bar, Guest Book Table, Cake Table. This simple yet, vintage & rustic table is great since it can be placed almost anywhere. We now have various options for this table, both Vintage Door, and also Live Edge Wood Slab.
Door – Dimensions: 3′ x 6′
Live-Edge Slad: 17″ x 7′


Rental: $40 each
Quantity: 1

Vintage Rusted Mailbox

Works Great For: Wedding or Birthday Cards. Such a fun visual statement placed near where guests arrive, they will know right where to drop their cards. Large enough that a flower arrangement can be placed on the interior as well, and the word cards painted on the opposite face. Dimensions: 24” x 12” x 13” high


Rental: $15
Quantity: 1

Rustic Directional Sign

Add this rustic touch, to let your guests know where everything is. Can be placed where you like it.  Dimensions: 8′ Tall


Rental: $30
Quantity: 1

Rustic Guest Seating Sign

Can be positioned just at the entrance to the Ceremony Garden, welcoming guests, and letting them know the seating is more casual.  Dimensions: 36″w x 24″h


Rental: $15
Quantity: Multiple different Options

Shepards Crooks & Hanging Clear Bottle Vases

Works Great For: Placed along the aisle they make a great setting for a beautiful walk. Dimensions: 39″ tall


Rental: $35 for 14
Quantity: 14


Hanging Clear Bottle Vase Set

Rental : $15
Quantity : 14

Rustic Ice Cream Cart

Works Great For: An alternate to S’Mores as a treat. This cute little Ice Cream Cart is the perfect way to treat your guests to a dessert option that is always a delight. You supply the treats, we will supply the cart for your use. Cart does keep all treats frozen.


Rental: $150
Quantity: 1

Vintage Mahogany Library Desk

Works Great For: SweetHeart Table / Guest Book / Card & Gift Table. This old library desk makes a great entry piece, acting as the welcoming location for the guest book and greeter, along with a great spot for the wedding favors. Dimensions : 31” x 60” x 29” high


Rental: $50
Quantity: 1

Vintage Lumber Cart

Works Great For: Buffet Table, Entry Display Table. These amazing lumber can be used in so many ways, and make such a great days of yester-year statement. Dimensions: 3′ x 8′ 8″ Serving surface


Rental: $100 each
Quantity: 2

Vintage Door Chalkboard Sign

Works Great For: Chalkboard Signage. This fun rustic chalkboard sign is great at the entry for sharing information and welcoming guests to the wedding. Dimensions: n/a


Rental: $35
Quantity: 2

Redwood Large Log Rounds

Works Great For: Cake Display, Buffet risers.  These Redwood Log Rounds make a big visual impact. Sanded and sealed, they can be used in many different ways.  Dimensions : 24″ wide


Rental: $10 / each
Quantity: 3

Lanterns Table Decor

Works Great For: Visual Design Touch, Display. These black lanterns work great both hung up, as well as positioned on the ground, or on a table filled with flowers. Use them to add an upscale touch to your aisle way, or as a visual feature on a buffet table. Candles not included. Dimensions vary.


Rental: $4 / each

Quantity: 10-20

Vintage Double Wash Bin

Works Great For: Stylish Beverage Chiller. This Double Wash Bin works perfectly for keeping bottle water on one side and sodas on the other.


Rental: $50
Quantity: 1

Ornate Flower Stands

Works Great For: Placed at the beginning of the aisle way, around the guest book table, these vintage stands really showcase your flowers. Dimensions : 40″ tall x 20″ wide


Floral Arrangement Dimensions:
10″ wide @ base
13″ wide @ top
8″ deep


Rental: $15 each

Quantity: 2

Vintage Carpenter’s Toolbox

Works Great For: A dynamic centerpiece, or a place to hold programs or wedding favors, this versatile throwback to a simpler time truly gives a special touch. Dimensions : 3′ x 8″ x 12″


Rental: $10
Quantity: 1