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Sugarloaf Mountain Music – Shaina Shepherd

Known for her pervasive style a soul-grunge frontwoman turned piano songstress, Shaina Shepherd’s notable vocal stylings have brought her into various creative spaces — from collaborating with rock and roll legends to being a soloist with the classical ensembles around the country. Inspired by the parallels between gospel and garbage metal, Shepherd has been branded “Tina Simone”: combining rock opera theatrics with stony piano laden story telling. Creating in the city where both Pearl Jam and Quincy Jones cut their teeth, Shaina heart songs are steeped in American folk and redefine the Outlaw genre with an infusion of Tina Turner, Dinah Washington and Nina Simone. Shaina’s currently on the road and preparing to record her first body of work. When Shaina isn’t in the studio, she is a community organizer, music educator and event producer in Seattle, WA.


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